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Custom built rear/front bumpers and rock sliders

Custom built bumpers

Custom built rear/front bumpers and rock sliders

Custom built rear/front bumpers and rock sliders



Every bumper is made to fit each customer's specifications and vehicle type. Bumper and bar design options are endless. Let us know what you want, and we will make it happen. Our bumpers are constructed of 6mm,4mm and 3mm mild steel, using it in the right places to keep the strength up but weight down. Fog/driving lights can be integrated into the bumpers.

Bumpers can be finished in 2K primer and FX Liner or Powder coating to give excellent rust protection and long term durability. Colour to customers requirement.







Bumpers can be fabricated from an image a customer has liked from a picture.

All our bumpers are fabricated by you to fit your truck. Prices start from £1500

Rock Sliders

Rock sliders are much heavier than side steps, they are made from steel that is strong enough to support the vehicle .They offer full protection to your vehicle when off-roading in technical rocky terrain. Our custom built rock sliders are fabricated to your needs and again vehicle. Our rock sliders are fitted directly to the chassis rail, none clamp design. This is to prevent the chassis from being crushed. Prices start from £800 

By Adam Laraway
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