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Pedders Trakryder Coil Spring 120 Series 270134

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Pedders Coil Springs are Pedder's premium range of Coil Springs for multiple applications. Built to ISO 9001 standards with tolerance of only +/-2mm at loaded height. Pedders Coil Springs are simply unrivaled in terms of handling, vehicle appearance and performance. Coil Spring design and manufacturing is a craft which requires strice adherence to a demanding series of procedures, all of which are critical to the performance of the final product.

The spring rate, stiffness, must be matched to the weight resting on it and the weight of the other suspension components and the wheel. Spring rate also controls roll stiffness, or body roll. By reducing the amount of body roll, we reduce the amount of wheel camber change. Large camber change can drastically reduce the tyre contact with the road surface, severely limiting the handling potential during cornering.

The handling of most vehicles is substantially improved by increaseing the original spring rate to an optimum rate which maximises tyre adhesion and reduces body roll for better handling. Increasing the sping rate beyond the optimum rate detracts from the handling potential as the tyres begin to skip over the bumps, reducing the grip and safety.

Features & Benefits

*Hot Coiling

*Oil Quenching

*Furnace Tempering

*Shot Peening


*Loaded Height and Rate Testing

*Power Coating and Packaging

One Spring included only