100 Series Strandard ride height AHC Suspension conversion kit

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This kit is used to replace the Original AHC suspension system fitted originally by Toyota.

The Toyota Landcruiser 100 series is fitted with a suspension system known as AHC (automatic height control) that uses hydraulic fluid in spheres to control the height and comfort of the vehicle. Whilst undoubtedly very sophisticated, as it ages, the problem can develop which are often very expensive to rectify. Pedders Suspension recognise this and offer cost effective solutions to any problems you may be having. Pedders suspension conversion kit converts 100 series Landcruiser from Hydraulic suspension to conventional Coil and Torsion bar suspension.

The kit includes a pair of front torsion bars, torsion bar re-in forcing plates, rear coil springs, shocks all round. Dependant on the current condition of your AHC system, the ride comfort of this kit maybe slightly firmer then the comfort setting with the AHC system. However, most vehicles are not in optimum condition and so replacement often results in an improvement ride

Key Features

*Supplied as a kit of components that includes all you need to convert your Landcruiser away from AHC

*Cost effective solutions to repairing your existing AHC system

*The complete kit is a system designed and valued to work together

Contents of Kit

*Torsion Bar, PAIR

*Torsion Bar Re-inforcing plate

*Trakryder Front shocks

*Trakryder Rear shocks

*Rear Spring