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FX Liner Axles

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Giving the axles that extra protection

Axles are taken off and sandblasted. Rust encapsulator applied then Fxliner.

*Rust encapsulator combats corrosion, Infused with glass flakes.Upon application the flake will spread throughout the coating, prior to setting. What you are left with is a coating with evenly spaced toughened glass particles.These are only massively increase abrasive resistance and hardness, but they also create a convoluted path through the coating that moisture, and contaminents will have to travel to re activate the corrosion. Add to that the corrosion will have been stabilised by the above.

*Fxliner is a thick, tough, super resilient UV resistant Bedliner. Made from a custom 2 component Polyurethane blend, designed specifically for resilience. Heavily resistance to marking and scratching.

£950 pair Axle