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Manor Upgrades on 76 Series

Manor upgrades on 76 Series

Manor Upgrades on 76 Series

76 Series in for work from a Buzzweld premium WAR to a custom built bumper. Firstly the vehicle got striped, customer wanted the axles to be sandblasted and then painted with FXLiner along with being refurbish (hub rebuild).
Vehicle then got stripped down, ready for prepping. It had previous treatment so we had to make sure all this was completely off with a lot of elbow grease. The gearbox was jumping out of gear so we sent it off to be check. On investigation it was clearly seen that this gearbox had previous poor repair done so a replacement gearbox was found. While the gearbox was out, we sound deadening the gearbox area.  


Once prepped we rust encapsulated and WAR. Other bits i.e. sidesteps brackets again was coated with rust encapsulater and FXLiner. Iron man suspension was added. Turbo was fitted so exhaust had to be modified.
Next up the customer wanted an custom built bumper, he sent us an pic of what he liked with some of his own ideals. Winchmax winch was added and bumper finished in Black Powercoating.



By Adam Laraway
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