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Urethane 20mm Coil spring insulator 120 Series EP8316/20

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Pedders Urethane bushes have a high capacity to bear tension, compression and friction and retain their hardness, even under the most adverse conditions. This makes them well suited to the demands of heavy load carrying, firm suspension control, or where regular exposure to corrosive materials is expected.

Features & Benefits

*Hardened crush tubes for longer life and to eliminate slippage or creep.

*A double helix, used against the outer diameter of the crush tube. The double helix maintains axial location while allowing full rotation of the pivot. It also acts as a grease reservoir that further increases product life.

*Knurling. For exyra protection against adverse wear in heavily laden bushings.

*Bullet Grooves. These provide the correct pre-load while at the same time accommodating a wide variance in sizes and maintaining free pivoting of the bushings.